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Here is a review of Egyptian Myths and Magic from The Museletter, May 2003:

Katie Green is thrilled to announce an ambitious double CD "Egyptian Myths and Magic". Teaming up with percussionist/world music multi-instrumentalist Tony Vacca, she has created a powerful presentation of tales from ancient Egypt. A multi-year labor of love, this finely crafted studio recording captures the energy and close collaboration of their live performance.

In it, Katie Green brings together the extraordinarily complex and shifting hierarchy of the Nile gods and goddesses into a clear and compelling mythology. That would be achievement enough, but this is no coolly academic rendition. These stories, with all their rages, rivalries and lusts intact, are an intense emotional experience, and definitely not for young children. A very important part of this recording is the wonderful integration on Vacca's driving rhythms (on balafon, marimba, hand drums and seed rattles, just to mention a few) throughout.

This is a recording driven at every moment by the pulse of ancient instruments, Katie's passionate and powerfully cadence delivery, and the rhythms of pantheistic hyms and incantations. The effect is as hypnotic as the snake charmer and the cobra. Engineering by Roger laVallee and graphic design by Scott Marshall masterfully complement and complete this impressive double recording.

And a review from Linda Goodman, storyteller and reviewer, July 2003:

This magical CD has everything: strong yet vulnerable women, flawed yet powerful men, love, violence, sex, tragedy, and redemption. Tony Vacca's instrumentals rise and fall with the drama of the stories, making us feel the crescendo of wonder, excitement and fear that carry these stories along on its wave. Katie Green's enthusiasm and awe of these stories is infectious.

This is one of the best CDs I have heard.