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I Love Fall

September 25, 2008

The summer corn is gone. Geese migrate south. The gold fish in our small pond swim more slowly. There’s not been a killing frost yet, but the Dahlias and Daylillies have been flattened by heavy rain. Leaves float down from the trees. Squirrels and chipmunks gather acorns. I smell the air; it is cool and clean. It whispers to me: Time for a warm sweater. The wood pile calls out: Finish stacking me soon.

I love Fall. I look out into the woods. Morning sun turns them into a kaleidoscope of yellow and green confetti. There is an accented feeling of NOW. Of timelessness. This moment is so precious. It is fleeting. Wrap your heart around it, experience it completely, wantonly, it will be gone soon; the snow will fly. And then I will love Winter.

Katie Green