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A One Person Show - Researched, Written, and Performed by Katie Green

Mary Rowlandson (1635-1711) was the wife of the first minister of Lancaster, Massachusetts.

Katie Green performs history in the voice of the person who lived it.

Mary Rowlandson, portrayed by Katie Green, will

  • talk about her life in Colonial New England
  • reflect on her captivity by Indians and her reunion with her family
  • talk about her book, A True History of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson
  • An exciting and entertaining way to learn about

  • Colonial settlements in New England
  • relations between Pilgrims, Puritans, and Indians
  • King Philip’s War
  • "I learned a lot about life in the Colonial times. Katie Green is a great storyteller!" Deb Cary, Massachusetts Audubon Society

    "I was impressed with the way Katie wove in the history and the perspective of the Native Americans." Betsy Beth, Librarian, Princeton Public Library


    An Evening of Egyptian Myths and Magic

    An Evening of Egyptian Myths and Magic is a one person, 90 minute program with one intermission. Katie Green, storyteller, tells the myths that are the basis of thousands of years of Ancient Egyptian art and architecture. These myths, complex and interwoven throughout the centuries, are unraveled by Green and reconstructed with integrity and a touch of creative licence. An Evening of Egyptian Myths and Magic is especially geared for museums, institutions of higher education, and organizations specializing in studies of Egyptian art and archeology. Katie Green has also created programs suitable for middle school students or a family audience: Egyptian myths and folk tales.

    Storyteller Katie Green spent three years developing An Evening of Egyptian Myths and Magic for adults and mature teens. Ms. Green traveled to Egypt to study with the Institute of Egyptian Art and Archeology (University of Memphis, in Tennessee). She conducted research at the British Museum, the Petrie, and the Louvre, as well as the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

    The music of Tony Vacca lends additional tone and color to this compelling program of spoken word. He is a percussionist who plays the balafon (a large wooden xylophone), gongs, djembe, and stringed instruments not unlike those of ancient Egypt. The blend of Tony Vacca's music and Katie Green's voice transports the listener to the land of the pyramids and the sparkling waters of the Nile.

    An Evening of Egyptian Myths and Magic has been exceptionally well received in art museums and galleries. Now there is a revised and expanded program which is a multimedia event. Artist Rene Malowitz's artwork on two stage flats is representative of that found in the beautifully decorated tombs in the Valley of Kings and Dier el Medina three/four thousand years ago. The audience is also treated to photographs taken by Jon Bodsworth. Graphic artist Scott Marshall and Katie Green have skillfully incorporated these lovely visual images into the program. Sound engineer Roger LaVallee of Tremelo Lounge has created a sound track of Vacca's music, which augments the spoken word.

    The original script is recorded in the double CD An Evening of Egyptian Myths and Magic. You can purchase a copy on this page.

    Listen to samples of Egyptian Myths and Magic:
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    Comments from audience members:
    "Impressive! Katie was a conduit for the stories, beautifully there, opening up a whole new world for us."
    "A magical blending of myth and music!"
    "Katie's voice and Tony's music blended in perfect harmony to generate a mesmerizing experience for the audience."
    "Magnificent! I loved every moment!"


    Greek and Roman Myths

    Katie's telling of these classic myths gives the characters breath and substance. Spell binding and colorful tales may include Demeter and Persephone, Psyche and Cupid, Perseus and Medusa, Pandora's Box, the flower myths, and others. Middle school - adult. Workshop available.

    "Katie Green's artful telling brings these stories to life."
    6th grade teacher, Leominster, MA

    "I have always loved the Greek myths, but now that
    I've heard you tell them, I know why."
    Audience member, Oak & Stone Concert at the First Unitarian Church, Worcester, MA

    For information or to book a program, contact Katie Green.