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Library Performances

A One Person Show - Researched, Written, and Performed by Katie Green

Mary Rowlandson (1635-1711) was the wife of the first minister of Lancaster, Massachusetts.

Katie Green performs history in the voice of the person who lived it.

Mary Rowlandson, portrayed by Katie Green, will

  • talk about her life in Colonial New England
  • reflect on her captivity by Indians and her reunion with her family
  • talk about her book, A Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson
  • An exciting and entertaining way to learn about

  • Colonial settlements in New England
  • relations between Pilgrims, Puritans, and Indians
  • King Philip’s War
  • "I learned a lot about life in the Colonial times. Katie Green is a great storyteller!" Deb Cary, Massachusetts Audubon Society

    "I was impressed with the way Katie wove in the history and the perspective of the Native Americans." Betsy Beth, Librarian, Princeton Public Library


    New Programs for Young listeners

    All-l-l-l Aboard!!
    Kindergarten through Grade 2 students will sing and join Katie in rhythmic chants about railroads. They will participate in the classic story “I Think I Can”, learn about a locomotive that yearned to go off the tracks, and be introduced to John Henry.


    Farmyard Fancies

    Katie Green tells tales of animals and happenings in and around the barnyard. Find out what a young boy thinks is the "Perfect Pet". Listen to the adventures of "Half-Chick". Smile when the "Odd Little Duckling" discovers that he's not so odd, after all. Help pull the Enormous Turnip out of the garden.

    Family program; Pre-school through grade one.


    Travel the World with Story

    Katie has a vast repertoire of stories from all over the world, including Puerto Rico, Central America, Europe, China, Southeast Asia, and Africa. Stories are selected to meet the needs of specific groups and curricula.

    "Your storytelling performances were terrific. The students
    loved your stories, and I did too. We want you back again."
    Rosemary C., Librarian, South Elementary School, Bellingham, Massachusetts


    The Red Hat: Adventure Stories for Young Listeners and their Adult Friends

    Katie Green tells a selection of stories with songs and chants designed to enhance listening, speech, and language. The Red Hat is an original story about a fish who goes on a journey and returns with new knowledge. Slops is a Welsh folktale where children can practice sound discrimination, and The Enormous Turnip or Sody Saleratus allows young children to practice sequencing. This program includes Little House, a story told in American Sign Language. Hear these stories, sing a song, and make a quick craft to take home. Pre-school children and adult friends and families.

    "An absolute treat and delight."
    Audience member, Wachusett Community Partnership for Children, Holden, MA


    Stories For and About Friends

    In this program for young listeners and their families, Katie tells a magical blend of original stories and traditional tales. Audiences are delighted with participatory chants and songs. The program includes such stories as Pricilla - The Proud Mouse (a mouse tries to be important to others, and learns that she is valued for being herself); Drakestale (a duck gets what he wants with the help of his friends); Tishka (a suspenseful Russian folktale in which a boy is saved by a young goose); and The Hudgen Bed (a young child's problem sleeping a night is resolved with the help of a wise neighbor).

    "I love how versatile you are, Katie. You are a marvelous storyteller!"
    Jean Canosa-Albano, Springfield Public Library, Springfield, Massachusetts


    Hans Christian Andersen

    Katie Green captures the depth of Andersen's stories and tells them the way he did: for the children, for the adults, and for the pure joy of it! Katie selects matches Andersen's stories for the season and tailors them for of the audience. Stories may include: The Little Mermaid (available on audiocassette), Little Ida's Flowers, The Tinder Box, The Princess and the Pea, The Fir Tree, The Butterfly, Five Peas in a Pod, It's Perfectly True, Mother Elderberry, The Ugly Duckling, The Shadow, and others.

    The Andersen Program is adaptable for grade 2 to adult. The "heavier" Anderson tales are a fine basis for adult or teen workshops. Library performances for children may include a simple craft project.

    "Listeners are fortunate to hear Katie Green tell these tales.
    Even the youngest members of the audience were completely enthralled for an hour."
    Margaret Read MacDonald, Ph.D., Bothell Public Library, Seattle, WA

    Press for Andersen's 200th Birthday Celebration  

    Not-so-Grim Grimms' Tales

    Stories collected by the Grimms Brothers are especially selected for your listeners and told by Katie Green. Young listeners may hear Three Magic Wishes or The Fisherman's Wife, and more mature listeners enjoy One Eye Two Eyes, Three Eyes. Adults who love the justice portrayed in Grimms Brothers stories will like Katie's telling of The Juniper Tree on her audiocassette, The Little Mermaid and other fairy tales.


    The Fire Bird: Russian Folk Tales

    Katie Green traveled and performed in Russia in 1993. Her portrayal of Russian characters such as Ivan, Vasillisa, and Baba Yaga are colorful and authentic. - Grade 3 - Adult.

    "You captured the spirit of my village in Russia,
    and took me back home with your stories. Thank you so very much."
    Audience member, Jefferson-Madison Central Library, Charlottesville, VA

    "Tell it again! And again and again!"
    Jose G., 5th grade, Lawrence, MA


    Timeless Troll Tales

    A program of Scandinavian stories and folk-lore about trolls. Stories include The Argument, The Troll with No Heart, and a Swedish version of The Changeling. Grade 3 - Adult.

    "I laughed, I wept, and I was totally surprised.
    You really took me into a whole different reality!"
    Sarah J., Special Education Teacher, Pelham, MA.

    "What a diverse collection of folktales.
    I love thinking about how human those trolls were!"
    H. Maine, Scandinavian House, NYC.


    The Image Maker and other stories from India and Pakistan

    The story of The Image Maker is based on a story given to Katie by an 84 year old woman from India. In it, a man learns how his thoughts influence his accomplishments. The Image Maker is included in Spinning Tales, Weaving Hope. This program also includes two Pakistani folktales. The Chatee Maker is a humorous story in which a simple man succeeds. The Jackal, the Tiger, and the Brahman is a classic tale of wit and wisdom. Middle School - Adult.

    "I will always remember the story about the man riding the tiger. It was hilarious."
    Steven U. 7th Grade, Bancroft School, Worcester, MA.


    Halloween Storytelling Programs

    Katie has three programs for late October: one for adults, one for teens, and one for families.

    How Big is Your Pumpkin?

    Rolling pumpkins, a night-time walk, owls in the woods. This program includes a story in American Sign Language and a "jump tale". Katie Green has carefully selected stories and songs that share the thrill of Halloween without any bad dreams. A family program.

    "Your stories are awesome. I'm going to tell one to my brother."
    Matthew, age 7, Shirley Public Library, Shirley, MA

    Ghost Stories from My Aunts

    This program for adults and mature young people includes "true" stories from the Civil War - stories Katie first heard from her aunts when she was a child in Virginia. As an adult, she heard them again - from a man who claimed to have met the same ghosts. Also includes My First Halloween, a night-time adventure with Aunt Irma.

    "I want more and more of these stories."
    Susan Lenoe, Andover Bookstore, Andover, MA

    Things That Go Bump in the Night: Tingling Tales for Teens

    If you are looking for stories that give you the shivers and remind you that All Hallows' Eve is the night when the wall between the worlds is thinnest, this is the program for you.

    "The stories were great. Terrific!"
    Ellen Dolan, Director, Beaman Memorial Library, West Boylston, MA


    Stories for the Winter Holiday

    Katie loves to share stories for the Winter Holidays. A 45-50 minute program is usually made up of three or four stories, balanced for cultural content. For k-4, the stories are selected from the following: Zlatah (Jewish), Cobweb Christmas (German folktale of a magically decorated tree), A Bohemian Legend (poor father finds and magically decorates tree for his children), The Month Brothers (A winter story with a Cinderella theme and a short song for the audience to join in - from Czechoslovakia and also Russia), New Year's Hats (Japanese), Schnitzle, Schnotle, and Schnootzle (a rollicking old Austrian folktale with a troll in it), The Girl Who Loved Christmas (modern U.S. literary - a girl wants to have Christmas every day, and learns that it's not such a good idea), Bafana (Italian), Raven Returns the Sun (Native American - Inuit), Sun King (African).

    Young children enjoy The Elves and the Shoemaker, The Night Before Christmas, and Poor Santa!

    A mature audience may prefer The Music Box (an autobiographical story) or a literary story such as Julia Cunningham's Onion Journey or Ruth Sawyer's Magic Herbs of Christmas.

    "Thank you for your stories. They made our Holiday Gathering a wonderful event."
    George Furst, Auburn Historical Society

    "The children were enthralled, as seen by their attentive
    behavior. I have received only positive feedback from the teachers.
    The theme of gift giving was most appropriate for the time of year. The
    teachers appreciated the follow-up material. Thank you."
    Kim W., PTO Enrichment, Nixon School

    "Your stories were simply enchanting and you really know
    how to captivate your audience."
    Sandra Jo Ryder, Festival of Trees, Worcester, MA


    Love Stories from the Heart

    Katie Green shares a collection of stories representing many aspects of love. Stories are selected for your audience, and include truth, folk, and fairy tales. Listeners may end the evening telling some love stories of their own!

    "You are right, Katie. There's a heart-to-heart connection
    with a told story. Thank you."
    Barbara G., Audience member, Barnes & Noble Bookstore, Worcester, MA

    Katie may make slight changes in the story selection in your Library Performance Program to better match your audience.